DESIGNature was born in 2007 to create fabulous hand-crafted artistic furnishings.

Originally located in South Korea under the name of Le Marais Art & Furniture, countless spaces were transformed by our unique furniture, interior design, decorations, accessories and painting.

Now relocated to Canada, DESIGNature thrives to fulfill our customers’ desire for beautiful, functional pieces that will last a lifetime and be easy on the environment.

DesigNature uses new and reclaimed woods, inspired colors, and original designs while ensuring high standards of durable craft work.

Both trained in fine arts as painters,  the creative partnership of Yeon-mi Kim and Andrew Henderson complement each others skills. With multiple talents and varied career experiences, the couple combines their love of travel, adventure, and nature with art to create colorful and unique objects that enrich daily life.

Using antique wood makes for rich colors and rustic textures that showcase the raised grain. Natural traditional oils and waxes ensure longevity and protection.

DesigNature creates thoughtful, balanced interiors and considered displays for retail or home. We also enjoy working directly with our clients to create custom designs.

We strive to maintain high standards of craftsmanship while protecting the environment with eco-friendly products.